About Pro Tools Now

Window tinting, paint protection film, vinyl graphic and car wrap installation is a skill…a science…an art. When it’s your livelihood, your tools are as critical to you as brushes are to an artist.

Bob Williams from Pro Tools Now

Pro Tools Now was created in 1991 by Bob Williams. Bob is a window film installation expert with nearly 30 years of industry experience. In addition to manufacturing installation tools for this industry, Bob’s experience has included 13 years as an installer and owner of a successful Colorado chain of window tinting shops, as well as a decade as a window film distributor. Always an innovator, Bob has now focused his company on developing and manufacturing specialized tools to address specific installation needs and challenges within the industry. His goal is to provide quality tools for every installation and application situation. We know how important the right tool is to your success, so we focus on designing just what you need to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Every Pro Tools Now product is designed by Williams himself, based on his extensive knowledge of the installation industry and beta tested by dealers who provide street smart input and direction to fine tune both existing and new product development. We are constantly listening to what challenges installers are facing: what tools that they like, and equally important, which tools they don’t like.  After gathering this feedback, we re–evaluate and refine our products to incorporate features that make them more effective and efficient to the end user.

In addition, we’re always on the lookout for new materials and manufacturing capabilities that enable us to create new solutions to installation challenges. These challenges change as window and car designs evolve. They also become different as the window film, paint protection film and vinyl materials change with newer technologies. Through it all, the Pro Tools Now commitment to you is that we will continue to lead the industry in delivering innovative, quality tools that bring out the artist in every installer.