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What Do You Think About When You Hear the Name Pro Tools Now?


For many of you, the name Pro Tools Now would make you think of installation tools for the window tinting, paint protection film, vinyl graphics or car wrap industries. That would be logical as Bob Williams has designed some of the most popular and widely used tools for those industries.

However, that would only be telling part of the story. Pro Tools Now, at it’s core, is a design company. Bob has always had a passion for design. He not only enjoys developing his own ideas, he also likes when companies approach him with a rough product concept that needs perfected. Bob embarks on a design is such a way that takes not only functionality into account, but also the manufacturing process. It does you no good to develop an elegant product that is impossible to produce efficiently or cost effectively.

Pro Tools Now Designed Film Installation Tools
Load Content MonitoringLoad Content Monitoring

So What Does All this Have to do With the Train Pictured Above?

Well, this story isn’t really about trains. This is a story about a concept called load content monitoring. This is the ability of someone shipping containers to monitor many details about what occurs with that cargo before, during and after the transport. In order to do this, a tracking device is placed on each container that collects data regarding location, speed, whether the cargo doors have been opened, if the container has had any significant shocks from an outside force, etc.

This is where Design meets Application

A technology company approached Bob about designing a case that could house the tracking equipment in a way that was durable, weather-able and could integrate small solar panels to that would supply power to the unit. Because they client would literally be needing tens of thousands of these cases, they needed to not only function properly, but they needed to be able to be produced in such a way that kept costs in check.

Bob worked hand in hand with the scientists at the company for over 6 months to come up with a concept that met all design and application requirements. Not only is this case weather-able, it is capable of maintaining an airtight seal to six atmospheres!

After the design was nailed down, Bob went to work designing the tooling required to produce this case. The design needed to account for flexible production to meet the client’s demand at a cost that enables these units to be integrated onto containers around the World.

Designed for Trucks
Designed for Trains
Designed for Ships

Pro Tools Now – Designed with the Installer in Mind

Design ProcessSo, what does this tracking case have to do with Pro Tools Now installation tools? You have heard us say before that Pro Tools Now products are designed with the installer in mind. This is what we are talking about. The Pro Tools Now design process can be summed up as follows:

  • Begin with a particular installer challenge in mind.
  • Develop a product that we believe will address the challenge.
  • Test and tweak the concept.
  • Design a manufacturing process to bring the solution to the market as cost effectively as possible.

It is of no use to design a tool that solves an issue no one is having. Likewise, it is not particularly useful to design a tool that solves an issue but is so expensive that no one can afford it. That is the balance that we work on each day. Bring useful tools to the industry at a price that is accessible to everyone.

We hope that you found this story interesting and now understand why we feel Pro Tools Now products are second to none when it comes to helping you complete installations properly and efficiently. Thank you for your continued support!

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  1. I just wanted to know how to get or order that kind of tools for tinting?

    Thank you Pro Tools Now

    1. You can find Pro Tools Now products at companies like 44Tools, Interwest Tools and Zola Tools as well as most film installation tool suppliers.

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