Revised & Improved Original EZ Reach Tool

Original EZ Reach Tool Update

This short video explains some slight improvements that have been made to the Original EZ Reach tool to address the issues of tool strength and potential of the tool to scratch window film.

The revised design is slightly thicker (.009″) to improve the strength while still remaining thin enough to slide behind tight gaskets. The injection hole has also been made slightly smaller and more consistent. This will provide flex consistency from one tool to the next as well as eliminate the propensity for the tool to crack in this area.

Finally, the raw material used to make the tool was upgraded to a new material from Dupont that retains the original tool’s stiffness and slickness to slide across film. However, this new, upgraded material eliminates a factor that could have been the cause of some film scratching issues with the original.

Thank you for the support of Pro Tools Now and the Original EZ Reach installation tool. The new, revised versions of the Gold and Platinum Original EZ Reach should be available at your tool supplier.

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