Bob Williams from Pro Tools Now Gets Trained by Justin Pate

Bob Williams gets trained by Justin Pate

Bob Williams gets trained by Justin Pate

At Pro Tools Now, we believe in constant innovation and expanding our understanding of the industries we serve. As a result, Pro Tools Now owner and tool designer Bob Williams recently attended a multi-day vehicle wrap training taught by Justin Pate. Don’t be mistaken, Bob has no intention of getting into the wrap installation game. The reason Bob wanted to attend this class was so that he could better understand the process and what challenges the installers face. This allows him to better design and develop tools with these challenges in mind.

This is one major thing that separates Pro Tools Now from the competition. We start with the installer challenge in mind and then work backwards to design a solution. Our goal with each new tool is to either help the installer get better results, or enable then to get good results more efficiently.

After this training, Bob’s head is already going 100mph with different tool ideas. In addition, the training allowed Bob and Justin to explore some ways that they could collaborate to make the tools Pro Tools Now already offers more useful to the vinyl and wrap community. Stay posted for further details on that collaboration!

2 Comments on “Bob Williams from Pro Tools Now Gets Trained by Justin Pate”

  1. Hi Bob. Its Jimmy .Gates. congrats on all the awesome ideas you have made . So I have been trying to find yellow slammer. For years now it seems that they don’t make them any more. It’s my favorite tool by far and I miss them. So I was hoping that you would make some new and improved yellow slammers .also I think a new pouch and maybe a
    film polish shrinkoptimiser. All in one.
    Can I order from you directly like I did with film Thanks .

    1. Thanks for your comments. We are always looking at new ideas and trying to make installations faster and easier for the window film professional. We do not sell directly to the public, but most Pro Tools Now items should be available at your regular window film tool reseller. If you need help finding one, please let us know.

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