Potential New Pro Tools Now T-Shirt Design!

Pro Tools Now T-shirt

Installers are always looking for cool gear to work in, so we have begun looking into designing a Pro Tools Now T-Shirt. Check out this design rendering of the new shirt we are working on. We plan to have this be a very high quality shirt on par with what you would get from Hurley, Volcom or others costing $20-$30 in department stores. We want this to be a shirt you would want to wear on the weekend even if you weren’t at work. This is being designed with all of you in mind, so we would love to have your thoughts on this design. We plan to finalize the design soon and should have some available shortly.

4 Comments on “Potential New Pro Tools Now T-Shirt Design!”

    1. We should be getting them made in the very near future. Thanks for the positive comments.

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