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11 Comments on “Sunny Tucker Car Wrap Tool”

    1. Great. Thank you for your interest Hector. You should be able to order the Sunny Tucker through your regular tool supplier. If not, you can purchase them on, and Thanks again for your interest.

  1. Hi.

    Im very interested to by some Sunny Tools. Im from Portugal. can you tell me where I can by in Europe?
    Thank you

    Nuno Gomes

    1. Thank you for your interest in the Sunny Tucker. You can actually get them in Europe by contacting the team over at Sentient A/S. Their website is Hope that helps. Thanks again for the interest.

  2. HELLO , im interested to by sunny Tucker i try to by it at 44 Tools , interwest Tools and zola Tools with out success , so can you help me please ?

  3. Wehre Van i buy the Tool in Germany without to much Shopping costs? Im very interessiert to buy some of these. Trank you

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