“My tool of choice is the Go Doctor, specifically the yellow one. At a mid-level hardness, it’s firm and flexible and only takes one or two passes to push all the water out. Another benefit is its ability to change out the blade easily. It takes me literally three seconds to replace one, where-as other types of this tool require a screwdriver and a few minutes.”John Prue in Window Film Magazine

“Yellow Contour, great for locking down edges…..My go to! And the Gator Blade II is a must for final quality check, not to mention the Green Tailfin for rear third brake lights!”Randy Sayen on Facebook

“Only use my Go Doctors on cars. Red to set the film, blue to finish the job. Love the all plastic handle to keep save from scratching a car.”Mike Di Funk on Facebook

“I like the Grip-n-Glide verses the yellow turbo because of the angled edge.”Travis Lambert on Facebook
“I use the Yellow Tailfin. The best investment. I make one swipe behind a stationary or molded taillight with it gets everything out. No issues.”Donovan Ward in Window Film Pros
Regarding the Go Doctor Squeegees, “hands down the best squeegee I have used.”Ron Dunaway in Automotive Film Professionals
Regarding a tool that he cannot live without being the Gold Hard Card. “I trim the corner off of this Gold Card so that it serves two purposes. One, I use it as a corner tool, then wrap it with me towel to make my final pass efficiently.”Brooks Warren in Window Film Magazine