Have All the Tools You Need Already Been Invented?

Have All the Tools You Need Already Been Invented? - Speed Wing
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Close the patent office. Everything that can be Invented has already been invented.Attributed to Charles H. Duell, Commissioner of US Patent Office in 1899

Although Mr. Duell apparently never actually uttered this quotation himself it is attributable to him through historical lore and hyperbole, this notion has struck a chord with many inventors, over the years, as a statement of attitude towards new concepts. This is how many inventors feel society typically responds to their ideas upon release…

“We already have everything we need. Why bother with anything NEW?”

Why Indeed!…Introducing the Speed Wing from Pro Tools Now!

Speed Wing Installation Tools by Pro Tools Now

Martin Luther King I have a DreamPro Tools Now Resident Owner and Inventor, Bob Williams, always saw the limitations inherent in the notorious Vinyl Graphics Squeegees also called Bondo or Bump Cards. Although these tools have been popular in the Vinyl Graphics and Tinting business for decades, they are tools, perceived by Bob to be antiquated, crude and rudimentary. Bob had a DREAM…

He wanted to transform these ageing squeegees into a progressively modern tool with greater ease of use and improved functionality. Speed Wings enhance the job of film installer while making their tasks smoother, flatter and easier. While economical, traditional Vinyl Graphics Cards are often made out of very cheap plastic that typically does not glide across films easily. The materials have a relatively high coefficient of friction and the tool edges are easily damaged. Bob felt that he could create a tool that worked better and lasted longer for film applications, it would just take some time and hard work to develop the dream to create Speed Wings.

The result of his desire to create a better Squeegee is the all new line of Speed Wing application tools. While the shape and design might slightly resemble a traditional Vinyl Graphics Squeegee, there are three primary features that set Speed Wings apart.

First, the Speed Wing is designed with “wings” to enable the installer to reach tight or recessed areas out of the reach for the traditional squeegee options. These “wings” become an intuitive extension of a traditional rectangle tool, and you will wonder what you ever did without the extra reach.

Next, the Speed Wings come with a unique feature of having one flat edge and one curved edge (See the picture below to see the curved edge as compared to the straight edge of a piece of paper). The curved edge is a proprietary design element that Pro Tools Now calls Control Contour Technology (CCT). This feature enables the tool to encourage a finger or bubble to disperse outward as the arched edge is pushed forward over the film surface which reduces the chances of a crease and SPREADS OUT the inherent FILM TENSION the installer experiences while working with films. The CCT also enables the Speed Wing to be a terrific tool for smoothing out large vinyl graphics, transfer tapes and pre-mask on flat surfaces.

Control Contour Technology (CCT) from Pro Tools Now

Finally, the materials chosen for the Speed Wing are premium components selected to enhance the functionality of the tool through varying flexibility options. This unique and proprietary blend of components enable Speed Wings to slide across most film surfaces easily while still maintaining the rigidity requisite lateral rigidity to lay the material flat while removing air pockets or moisture underneath the film.

The Speed Wings are now available at leading installation tool suppliers. If your supplier does not carry the Speed Wings, ask for them by name. The Speed Wing is available in Cherry (soft), Lemon (Medium) and Lime (Firm). All three flavors are available in a 4.3″ (110mm), 6.3″ (160mm) and 8.3″ (210mm) in size. The shorter lengths work great when working with curvier surfaces like fenders, bumpers and mirror housings on vehicles and the larger sizes come in handy when working on larger flat surfaces like sign faces, walls, and trailers.

We will leave you with this short video of fellow installer Danny Munoz and what he had to say about the new Speed Wings. Also, see what Ismail Pereira thinks of the Speed Wings in his post on Facebook.

Speed Wing Mentions on Facebook

When choosing your tools, make sure you are getting buying from the best. Pro Tools Now has been designing and manufacturing tools for the film installation industries for over 30 years. Ask for them by name at your regular supplier.

9 Comments on “Have All the Tools You Need Already Been Invented?”

  1. In My Opinion You’ve Done An Excellent ‘Promotion’ Of Well Thought Out Product / I Gleaned Some Tips For A Promotion I’m In The Developement Stages Of Rolling Out – WISHING YOU THE BEST!

  2. I had a hard dark grey for over 3 year that is about 6inches for pushing out the water it prevent you from having to grab another tool after you power squeegee it it thin enough to slid behind gaskets but still strong enough to push out the water. It can not be too hard because i have noticed marks left in the glue a few years later seeing streaks. id be willing to try it. Thanks

    1. Alfred,

      Thanks for your interest in our tools. Since we do not sell directly to the installer, but work with wholesale tool resellers. Have your regular supplier of tools contact us to send out 1 sample for you on their behalf.

      Thank You,


  3. I have a comment I’d like elaborated on. Tools are made and made to work perfectly. Then once the tool is widespread. Everyone is using it, then it’s changed and made much less durable. ie— olfa blades, 1″ blue max, ect… I used to do nearly a whole skyscraper on 4 sides of a blue max. Now you’re lucky to get 10 Windows from one side.
    I think the tools are made so well that they dumb down the product in order to sell more. But then everyone just switches tools. I think orange crush is the next to be dumbed down.

    1. Bob,

      We can certainly understand your feelings about several of the tools you mentioned. At Pro Tools Now, we strive to always improve the tools we make over time and turn a good tool into a great one. If you feel that way about any tool that Pro Tools Now manufactures, please let us know as that is never our intention.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Pro Tools Now Team

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